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Chairman of society is like a leader of a nation. In Agile Society, Chairman elects for based on terms about concepts of Agile, industry influence, academics influence and most active member of society.

Suhail Iqbal

Current Chairman Suhail Iqbal

#AgilePK Society is defining the future of Agile in Pakistan, by providing an opportunity to software ad IT industry to interact and develop agile knowledge base locally. Since its inception, the society has been successful in spreading awareness about agile development and agile project management through its yearly Agile Conferences, Awareness Sessions, and Society Meet-ups. This year, we are re-energizing to focus on reaching out to at least 100 professionals and 1,000 students, but that is not all, we will be available to provide support and assistance to any organization who wants to establish custom guidelines for implementing Agile in their setup. The society itself will act as a center of excellence for Agile in the country, and will transform how the industry thinks things can be done.

We are committed to creating an environment that fosters the professional and personal growth of everyone who needs to adopt agile practices. By sharing the achievements of those who are practicing agile with those who want to adopt them, we create a network for knowledge sharing and confidence building.

In our journey to define Agile in our local environment, we have addressed a unique theme in every agile conference in preceding years. This time we are bringing to you the “Agile Transformation” Theme and I hope you will not only enjoy this but will yourself get influenced to transform your workforce into agile teams.

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