About All Partners

Partners of society is like helping hands. In Agile Society, Partners are all sponsors / affiliations with government or non-government organizations.

Women In Tech PK


WomenInTechPK is an initiative dedicated to provide growth opportunities to women technologists in Pakistan. It revolves around the mission of closing the gender gap, equal representation for women, providing access to networking and mentoring opportunities, and capacity building initiatives....more

Pakistan Software Testing Board


Pakistan Software Testing Board (PSTB) is dedicated to promotion of software quality/testing activities and standards in Pakistan. It is the Pakistan national member board of International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB). The prestigious forum oversees the accreditation of professional software engineers, trainers, and training institutes for ISTQB certifications and represent the interests of Pakistan within ISTQB. ...more

Open Islamabad


OPEN (Organisation of Pakistani Entrepreneurs) is the largest global network of Pakistani entrepreneurs and professionals around the world with chapters in 11 cities in 4 countries. OPEN Islamabad has been providing value to entrepreneurs and professionals including networking, mentoring and skill development....more