About All Partners

Partners of society is like helping hands. In Agile Society, Partners are all sponsors / affiliations with government or non-government organizations.

Discretelogix Pvt Ltd


Established in 2006, Discretelogix is a technology oriented IT firm that provides wide range of software solutions to ever growing clientele across the globe. Discretelogix has 70+ team members and served more than 400 clients worldwide. We provide wide range of services to businesses and consumers across the globe, maintaining an unrelenting focus on quality service and customer satisfaction. We as a service providers listen to what you want to accomplish and work next to you to reach your goal...more



Zeropoint is a Belgian enterprise offering businesses a competitive advantage through off-shoring. It is well known that the search for the right skills in the European labor market is very difficult and very expensive. We have recruitment centers and creative work spaces in Pakistan and Sri Lanka. We are actively searching for top-notch development talent in Pakistan. We are looking for people who do things independently, differently, who anticipate, observe the work and act upon it. Being par...more

Scrum Alliance


Founded in 2001, Scrum Alliance® is the largest, most established and influential professional membership and certification organization in the Agile community. Scrum Alliance is a nonprofit association that has certified more than 750,000 practitioners worldwide. Its vision is to help “Transform the World of Work” with a mission to guide and inspire individuals, leaders, and organizations with practices, principles, and values that create workplaces that are joyful, prosperous, and sustai...more

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