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Chairman of society is like a leader of a nation. In Agile Society, Chairman elects for based on terms about concepts of Agile, industry influence, academics influence and most active member of society.

Dr. Maryam Kausar

Current Chairman Dr. Maryam Kausar

Agile is all about embracing change. Since the beginning of the Pakistan Agile Development Society, the goal has been to adapt according to the needs of Pakistan. Over the years we have successfully spread awareness, conducted conferences, and arranged meet-ups to engage like-minded people to learn about Agile.

“ Think Different” – Steve Jobs.

Moving forward, Pakistan Agile Development Society will work towards in cooperating activities to not only serve the industrial needs of Pakistan but also bridge the gap between academia and industry. As the demand for Agile increases in Industry we need to educate our youth about Agile principles, this will not only help them professionally but also improve their personal learning skills.

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