ISB:2016-03-26:1st Workshop Estimation & Prioritizing Backlog Items


Shahid Iqbal

Shahid Iqbal

President and CEO at Sparkle Genius

Shahid C. Iqbal is President & CEO of Sparkle Genius LLC, Richmond Virginia USA, and Rawalpindi, Karachi Pakistan. Reputable Lead Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach & Change Influencer in an Agile industry of USA. Agile Evangelist and proven Leader in implementation of Agile methodology in a complex organization across various industries. Expertise to provide viable and sustainable solu...more


  • Normal Charges : 200/- each


Event Date Mar 26, 2016
Event Timing 10:00 AM to 02:00 PM
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Event Venue We Create center, F-11, Islamabad (View Map)
Event Type Open For All

Theme : Backlog Management

Title : Estimation & Prioritizing  Backlog Items

Details :
- challenges in cross functional roles
- should we take prioritization of backlog as challenge or opportunity 
- why is it important to prioritize any backlog item?
- who is responsible for backlog prioritization?
- how to react to with changes at lasts minute
- how does estimates relates to among various teams

About Speaker :
Choudhary Shahid Iqbal (CSM)
- President & CEO at Sparkle Genius, Richmond, Virginia Area, USA and Lahore, Pakistan
- AgileEvangelist & Proven Leader in implementation of Agile methodology in complex organizations. 
- Splendid experience in Delivery Transformation change, Integration processand projects 
- Rolled out viable and sustainable solution for a larger base to setup for success
- Champion in providing End toEnd solutionsfor any IT/business initiativesfor any size of Organization

Schedule :
Presentation : 30-40 min
Practical / Workshop : 90 - 120 min
Social Networking + Refreshment : 45-60 min

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Last Date of Registration : 24-Mar-2016

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Post Event

  • 40+ Participants Attended
  • Overall Event was Good
  • Participants were feeling good to understand the pain of others
  • Also got the idea how to do real Estimation and Planning in SCRUM
ISB:2016-03-26:1st Workshop Estimation & Prioritizing Backlog Items