Barkan Saeed

Custom Software Development, Startup Mentor, Co Founder at MobileNext

CEO @ Vizteck

Barkan Saeed

Over 8 years of experience working with startups in product design and development. Have extensive experience working with

  • - Private Social Networking.
  • - HealthCare Startups.
  • - Ecommerce and mcommerce Startups.

We help companies with

  • - Choosing the right features for minimum viable product.
  • - Creating intuitive user interface design.
  • - Wireframing and prototyping the project.
  • - Coding the app and project.
  • - Evaluating best technology for the project. (cloud, third party technology services).

Here are some of the clients we have helped.

  • - CareMerge - (6 million USD plus raised)
  • - TrueLinked -

Barkan Saeed is an active member in his community. He has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Global Shaper. The Global Shaper Community honours young people who are exceptional, talented, and thrive to contribute to their community.

Team Expertise in Scaling, AWS, NodeJS, Angular, Redis, NOSQL and MongoDB

Barkan is passionate about #startups and #executive learning and manages a group by the name of Shana Bashana with 30+ tech executives. The group uses meetups and trainings as a way for executive learning

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  • 2015 - Event Organizer
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Events Attended

  • 21-Mar-2017 - ISB:2017-03-21:3rd Meet up
  • 15-Nov-2015 - ISB:2015-11-15:ACP2015 Organizers Meetup
  • 14-Nov-2015 - ISB:2015-11-14:Agile Conference Pakistan - ACP2015
  • 12-Nov-2015 - ISB:2015-11-12:Meetup before Agile Conference Pakistan ACP2015
  • 23-Apr-2015 - ISB:2015-04-23:1st Knowledge Sharing Session