Qambar (Ali) Rizvi

Manager Quality Assuarnce, Product Division, Broad Peak IT Technologies

Qambar (Ali) Rizvi

With accumulative experience of 8.7 and half years yielding applications quality in compliance with ISO, CMMI with extensive & regressive testing (Manul,Automated) and "R & D"​ over Testing and Quality Assurance Processes subject to internal organizational needs and vision to excel in market. I have been a fruitful resource for IT industry brand names like Nextbridge Pvt LTD,LumenSoft Technologies,Adam Soft, Netsol Technologies and LMKR.

With skills set of wide array of Various Test Beds ,Test Setups & Configurations ,Testing Methodologies & Techniques, QA Processes & Procedures, Formal Technical Reviews& Peer Reviews, Quality & Functional Audits, Software & Team Planning, Business Analysis & Grasping Domain Expertise, Costing and Estimations, Effective team and Project Management being involved in SDLC as a resource and Team Lead, I am pursuing a dynamic career pertaining to the field of Computer/Management sciences in a professional and achievement oriented organization Which commits itself to growth and learning opportunities.

Specialties: Linux, Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista,Apple MAC

C++, Java, Visual basic, Visual basic .Net , ASP.Net, SQL/PLSQL, Oracle Assembly, UML

Rational Rows, Adobe PhotoShop, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Dream weaver, Change Request Pro, MS Office Suit, SQL Server,IBM DB2, Oracle 10G,

Fast Bug track, Bug base, QA Tracker, Test Director, HP Quality center, Win Runner,QTP, IBM'sRFT, Mantis, Selinium IBM's Weblogic 8.0 & 10.0 Servers. HP Load Runner. Stress Simulator.

SEI Quality Tester & Auditor

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