Xecofy Business Transformation

Xecofy Business Transformation

Xecofy (www.xecofy.com) is a British company that conducts business transformation, coaching and trainings/workshops in organisations. Xecofy’s aim is to transform organisations, businesses and teams by identifying root causes, prescribing tailored trainings and helping teams develop healthy habits thereby increasing employee engagement (increasing eNPS-employee Net Promoter Score) and organisation’s productivity. We have successfully conducted successful business transformation in many organisations worldwide such as like ebay Enterprise, GE, Standard Life UK, Xerox, UK Department for Work and Pension, UK Department of Education, Mytheresa and Pearson.

Xecofy also offers 1-to-1 Executive Leadership Program, with individual attention and tailored coaching for C-suite leadership of organisations. Xecofy Leadership Communication Course is about effective communication between leaders and teams. In addition, Xecofy also offers consulting and coaching on Strategy, Mergers, Acquisitions and Turn-arounds.

Xecofy is expanding its consulting services of Business transformation as well as senior corporate leadership coaching in the Middle East and Pakistan. Xecofy has already conducted successful workshops in Karachi and Islamabad where senior leaders from Hubco, K-Electric, Jazz, Ufone, Nexus Telecom, Ignite - National Technology Fund, Silk Bank, Telenor Bank and Carnelian participated in these workshops. Based on which, it has already got further in-house consulting and training engagements for business transformation from a number of organisations in Pakistan.

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