Noorulain Qureshi

Founder of TexPressive9

Noorulain Qureshi This is Noorulain Qureshi, a professional graduate in the field of technology and heading own software house in Karachi, named "TEXPRESSIVE9" also works as an Influencer, Public Speaker, and deeply involved for the empowerment of women. She does so many workshops in public talks, technology, women Empowerment, and effective communication. On the other side, She also affiliated and involved with multiple networks & programs. Who mainly focal & target for the betterment of our nation. Currently, She is apart of UNO Project SDGs Goals 2030 as a District Coordinator of South and also Executive Member of Agile pk. She is actively and personnel work for the Spinal Cord Injured patients all over Pakistan, a Project runs for the memories of Dr. Muhammad Khalid Qureshi (Shaheed) and hosting "Dr. Muhammad Khalid Qureshi Show." Websites:

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