Saad Ahmed Siddique

Project Manager | Scrum Master | Agile PM

Associate Project Manager at BroadPeak Technologies

Saad Ahmed Siddique Customer Services Veteran, A project management Professional, IT Services Coach, Mentor for skill development & team building. I have extensive leadership skills to develop any team to a world class level. Development of team SLA's, KPI's & ensuring team members perform well with no hassle. I have the "Lets Do"​ attitude rather then the "You Do" attitude. Proven experience in developing world class teams, from under performers to Winners. Years of strong communication experience & a proven mastery of presentations. I have consistently performed well under pressure & am a team player.

As a trainer I have trained teams on customer services skills, handling of irate customers, handling tough situations & getting positive feedback even in such situations. Understanding GOALs, their implementation & realization. Performance tracking, SWOT analysis for the enhancement of team spirit along with team building activities to induce the team trust. I love to work in a challenging environment where all my skills can be utilized.

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Events Attended

  • 13-Sep-2018 - ISB:2018-09-13:3rd Quarterly Session Dry Run Meet up
  • 02-Aug-2018 - ISB:2018-08-02:7th Meet up
  • 31-Mar-2018 - ISB:2018-03-31:Agile Session: Backlog Management
  • 29-Mar-2018 - ISB:2018-03-29:3rd Meetup
  • 22-Feb-2018 - ISB:2018-02-22:2nd Meetup