Shahid Iqbal

Solutions-oriented IT Executive with notable success of Enterprise Agile Adoption

President and CEO at Sparkle Genius

Shahid Iqbal

Shahid C. Iqbal is President & CEO of Sparkle Genius LLC, Richmond Virginia USA, and Rawalpindi, Karachi Pakistan.

  • Reputable Lead Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach & Change Influencer in an Agile industry of USA.
  • Agile Evangelist and proven Leader in implementation of Agile methodology in a complex organization across various industries.
  • Expertise to provide viable and sustainable solution for a larger base to setup for success.
  • Champion in providing End to End solutions for any IT/business initiatives for any size of Organization.

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Events Attended

  • 27-Jul-2019 - ISB:2019-07-27:2nd Quarterly Session
  • 31-Mar-2016 - ISB:2016-03-31:Lesson Learnt Meetup after 1st Workshop with Shahid Iqbal
  • 26-Mar-2016 - ISB:2016-03-26:1st Workshop Estimation & Prioritizing Backlog Items
  • 24-Mar-2016 - ISB:2016-03-24:Meeting with Choudhry Shahid Iqbal