Khurram Ali

Software Architect, Franchise IT Consultant, Cloud solutions Architect, Director Software Development

Director of Software Development, BroadPeak, Islamabad

Khurram Ali 13+ years of turning visionary ideas into exceptional software products; Hands-on management and leadership of R & D organizations; Architecture Object Oriented Design (OOD) and Design Patterns; Efficiency of software development process and lifecycle (SDLC); Creating and shaping engineering teams, improving internal and external collaboration. Proven ability to bridge technology and business goals to provide productive solutions. Effective and articulate communicator who thrives under pressure; equipped with outstanding technical analytical, management and problem-solving skills.

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  • 22-Oct-2017 - ISB:2017-10-22:ACP17 - Post Conference Meet up
  • 21-Oct-2017 - ISB:2017-10-21:ACP2017 - Agile Conference Pakistan