Naveed Khawaja

Chief Methodologist

Master Trainer and Coach at Xecofy

Naveed Khawaja

Naveed Khawaja is Xecofy's Chief Methodologist (Master Trainer and Coach).

For the past 17+ years, he has trained and coached numerous organisations in fortune 500 IT, telecom, energy, pharmaceutical, utilities, transportation, publishing, finance, manufacturing, and civil service verticals all over the world.

He helps teams in finding the real motivation & valuable productivity while developing future leaders and change catalysts in an organisation. He's known as Mr. Agile because he finds practical applications of Agile and Lean methodologies in personal, social, spiritual and professional lives. His training method resonates with the participants because he believes in experiential learning with fun games and activities. His passion is to help develop an organization into a stronger global competitor with next generation leaders through coaching & tailored training.

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  • 21-Oct-2017 - ISB:2017-10-21:ACP2017 - Agile Conference Pakistan