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Key Reasons Companies Adopt Agile

Written by Naveed Ramzan on Jul 19, 2016

Now a days, Companies are adopting the most famous and productive project management technique "Agile" because everyone knows that it's time to increase productivity and not only productivity but also need to maintain the quality of production. 

Many companies who have traditional project managers they are working like they wanted and no care for customers or clients. But now time has been changed and customer or clients have priorities than all other stuff so project managers need to work on planning and optimum utilization of resources with minimum waste.

That is actually Agile Manifesto:

  • Less Documentation
  • Working Software 
  • Communication with Client and Team
  • Accept the Change

By following above manifesto, companies can move fast according to market. Like instead of wasting time on documentation or prototyping Agile focuses to move with the market and implement the current trends or things happening. That's why Agile practices recommends that we should work in sprints. Minimum 1 week sprint and maximum 1 month sprint. It means we can set our goal of a sprint and deliver the things as per market. In case of missing or trend changed, we can set that into next sprint and then execute. 

By getting real feedback from customers or clients, we can save our time because mostly clients have opinion that over 50% of the features development team built; have not ever been used by their customers. That’s pretty consistent with other industry stats we have seen recently. Just imagine if we could take all that time we use to spend building stuff our customers didn’t want, and focus it on building stuff they’ll actually use.

Agile focuses to improve quality by engaging customers and team so product or deliverable should be bugless instead of developing and after some time when we visit customer to give them demo and it contains bugs.

These are the few points in my mind with respect to adopting or adapting Agile in companies. By using Agile, we can increase productivity, quality, performance and client satisfaction