ISB:2019-12-26:12th Monthly Meetup (Upcoming)

Retrospective of Agile ISB 2019

ISB:2019-11-28:11th Monthly Meeting

Plan for 1 day training by Fahad Khan Plan for 1 day training with Trellow

ISB:2019-10-02:Meeting with WordCamp Islamabad Team

Introduction and working of both entities Discussion on collaboration Opportunities for Pakistanis

ISB:2019-10-01:Conference 2019 Planning Meet up at Zigron

Sponsorship opportunities Organizing Stuff

ISB:2019-11-03:AGM 2019

How we spent this year What was lesson learnt of 2018 AGM How we can improve ourselves

ISB:2019-11-01:Conference Dry Run at Venue 2019

Shift all equipment at venuevenue set upDry Run

ISB:2019-11-01:Conference Preparation Team Meet up 5

Checklist with all stuff finally Finalize the guests list Printouts of all lists

ISB:2019-10-25:Conference Preparation Team Meet up 4

Final status with all stuff Volunteer teams preparation for event day Checklist for dry run at venue

ISB:2019-10-17:Conference Preparation Team Meet up 3

Final status of stationary Final demonstration of Registration Start finalizing slides of speakers Start receiving videos from sponsors

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