Avoiding Common Mistakes in Agile Project Management: A Guide for IT Professionals

Written by Farhan Yousaf

Agile project management is a popular methodology for delivering software and other IT projects, but as with any approach, there are certain things that should be avoided in order to ensure project success. Here are some of the most common pitfalls t


Sprint 0

Written by Sarfraz Aaron

Sprint 0 is not part of the Scrum Framework but more of a tool for the Scrum Master to initiate if needed depending on the scenario one finds themselves in. Let's use scenarios to illustrate the points. Scenario #1 As a Scrum Master, when you are


Why Organizational Transformation Programs Fail?

Written by Nadir Khan

Watch this exclusive interview to understand why Organizational Transformation Programs often fail. In summary, Transformation Programs fail because Organizations: Do not have a compelling enough "Why". are not in the "Goldilocks" zone. Cre


How to Simplify Agile Development with the Cloud and VPS?

Written by Umair Khalid

How to Simplify Agile Development with the Cloud?The Agile Manifesto was created in 2001 by 17 professionals (The Agile Alliance) at a working retreat in Utah. Since then, agile development has been widely adopted by technical and project management


How practicing DevOps can help to secure your Cloud Infrastructure?

Written by Umair Khalid

There is no doubt that the cloud computing industry is thriving. Businesses are choosing to migrate core business functions to cloud services in considerable numbers, and the uptake is growing rapidly, day by day. Providing robust security withi


Scrum Master (SM) and Product Owner (PO) – A match made in heaven OR couple from hell

Written by Nawaz Butt

It's proverbial but true that husband and wife are the two wheels of the same cart. Hence, both need to co-exist, make adjustments and at times compromise (let go) for the betterment of the family. Same can be said for couples in a relationship. Poin


Best Agile Practices

Written by

People who work in accordance with Agile principles can explain why they have chosen this methodology in their own ways. Everyone can determine obligatory and “sacred” practices in this methodology; someone can point to non-binding or unloved pra


How to Write a Business Plan for your Call Center Startup?

Written by Ambreen Sajjad

Anyone can work on a great idea but turning that idea into reality is totally a different story. As a businessman, you may think you are ready to launch a startup. That's great, you should really feel excited about it. But do you know what it need


Agile Transformation Challenges

Written by Fawad Ahmad Khan

Following agility is like learning and exploring the problem domain while delivering value to customer. The value will be enhanced when reasonable balance between stability and agility is practiced. As organization culture influence the current prac


Dialogue is the key to Agile Success

Written by Naveed Ramzan

A common problem faced by IT companies during adapting agility is that clients are not much up to date about Agile Project Management.Of course they are concerned with the output instead of process.Clients are focused to get their problem solved  an

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