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Thank you Suhail Iqbal for being Chairman 2016 - 2017

Year 2015

Mr Suhail Iqbal had accepted chairmanship in annual conference ACP2015 on 14-Nov-2015 where he was also a speaker and talked on "Agile, the way forward" and gave an idea that after adopting/adapting agile there will be a room to learn Lean Agile or we can name it LeAgile which will be future of Agile. Further, Mr. Suhail Iqbal suggested to start monthly meetup(s) of team so all should be aligned from day one instead of aligning all in conference days.

Year 2016

Mr. Suhail Iqbal supported the core committee team to engage people by arranging workshop/sessions quarterly and society successfully first workshop on Estimation and Prioritizing Backlog Items.

Besides that, society’s monthly meet-up was scheduled and attended by few of regular members (core committee and volunteer executives).

Annual Conference ACP2016 was focused on Agile Transformation in which keynote speakers shared their knowledge w.r.t their experience and how they transformed their organizations. Event went successful and chairman Mr. Suhail Iqbal welcomed all in his opening note. He also thanked the partners (sponsors, speakers and team) who made that event successful.

Year 2017

Mr. Suhail Iqbal again recommended to arrange quarterly sessions and successfully we have conducted 2 sessions. (in 2016, we did only 1)

First session was in April, in which we covered both ends which are theoretical or w.r.t certifications and this part was talked by Mr. Suhail iqbal.

While other part was totally based on practical part in which Mr. Nabeel Ansar (who have a good experience of Agile practicing and also leading an organization in Islamabad). He shared some Agile based tools or by using which they are getting success.

Second session was in July, in which we covered Servant leadership in Agile and how a servant leader make Agile successful. This session was conducted by Mr. Mohsin Lodhi who is a leadership trainer and trained 13,000+ executives and the count is going on.

This session was also focusing that how to improve personal skills and what are the tips to be a good leader or servant leader.

Annual Conference ACP2017 was focused on Scrum in Pakistan. Mr. Suhail Iqbal, in his opening note welcomed everyone and thanked the partners (sponsors,speakers and management team) who helped in making the conference a success. Keynote speakers also shared their knowledge according to their experience about Scrum implementation in their organizations..

A thank you meeting was held at Mr. Suhail Iqbal's home for all the support and team motivation he had been providing during his tenure as chairman. He also shared his views, working experience and motivated us to keep up the good work.

Thank you Suhail Iqbal for being Chairman  2016 - 2017