Salman, Khwaja

Salman, Khwaja

Salman, Khwaja is a Manager Application Security at TPS Pakistan Pvt. Limited as a day job and a Vice President of an NGO in the evening.

My career path has varied roles, which ranges from Technical Writer to Quality Assurance Professional (Functional QA, Information Systems Audits, Manager Info Sec.), Web Developer, Business Analyst, Team Foundation Server Advocate, Business Analyst.

He is passionate on mobile technology, technological advancements in payment systems and providing consultation on various IT related problems. He has made the following companies (The Tooba Foundation ( visible on internet by development of their corporate Websites.

He is passionate about Software Product Management, Continuous Integration / Delivery, Information Security and he believes that anything could be improved through experimentation and exploration and using the right process, technology and people.


  • Process Improvement, Engineering, Strategy and Planning
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Time Management
  • Test Planning, Execution, and Management
  • Application Security Test Planning and Automation
  • Systems Hardening
  • Configuration Management
  • Information Systems Audits
  • Technical Writting / Social Media Management / SEO / Wordpress
  • Continuous Integration / Delivery using Team City / TFS
  • Application Security using Kaali, Manual Web Penetration Testing
  • ISO 9001:2008 QMS,
  • ISO 27001 QMS


  • ERP (Financial, Storekeeping, Payroll, Billing, Production, Auditing, Sales, Loan Management)
  • Web Applications
  • API Security Testing
  • Mobile Applications Security Testing
  • Mobile Money
  • Software Product Management

Tools: ASANA, Trello, JIRA, LAMP / WAMP, php, MySql, SQL, Wordpress, Web application development, OWASP, Burp, OWASP Zap, Nmap

He has an M.S in Computer Science from Muhammad Ali Jinnah University and B.Sc. (Hons) in Management Information Systems from University of London.


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