Sh. Waqas Naeem

Entrepreneur, Motivational philosopher, Philanthropist, Survivor, Traveler and a person who is on a mission to civilize the world.

Director of Corporate Relations - Media Clicks

Sh. Waqas Naeem Philanthropist by Passion & Brand Evangelist by Profession.
Sheikh Waqas holds a Master Degree in Business Management and did his specialization in Marketing and HR. He is currently working at Media Clicks as Director Marketing and Corporate Relations. Sheikh's clientele includes Govt of Pakistan, Govt of KPK, Social, Health, Hospitality, Corporate Sector, and SMEs. Sheikh also served as Visual Consultant at UN Industrial Organization Development and has voluntarily worked with multiple communities.
Sheikh has extensive knowledge about Branding, Digital Marketing, Video making i.e. Documentaries, He is helping multiple brands with marketing, outreach, and digital transformations.
Sheikh also founded Excel Resources Pakistan, Excel handles multiple businesses including Printing, Leisure & Travels, and other business consulting services.
Sheikh is currently focusing on establishing Ebtida Foundation which will focus on marginalized communities of Pakistan. Sheikh aims to empower women, homeless people, and transgender communities by providing them skills and work opportunities.
Most recently, Sheikh launched Maestro Series, Maestro Series focuses on the life and technical skills, by bringing the leaders, teachers, influencers, training consultant on board and developing a unique curriculum for students and professionals.
Sheikh also served as Vice Curator of Global Shapers Islamabad, A project of World Economic Forum and he is leading "The Food Projects" which aligns with one of SDGs i.e. Hunger
Sheikh plans to use the network of influencers and thought leaders to encourage, motivate and inspire people to believe in their dreams and unleashes the real potential in them.

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