Syed Muhmmad Sohaib Ur Rehman

‘DevOps’ more as mind-set than a skill-set

Syed Muhmmad Sohaib Ur Rehman

10+ years of technical as well as managerial experience in DevOps, Scrum methodology, Agile implementation, and Quality Assurance, Strong preacher and believer in the potential of the DevOps and Continuous Delivery movements to revolutionize automated software delivery in terms of flexibility, efficiency, quality and addition to business value. 


  • Expertise in the domain of e-payments, financial transactions and banking solutions for various banks in Pakistan, Middle East, Africa and Europe.
  • Testing of web-based and Client-Server applications, effective use of QA and Testing practice.
  • Extensive Knowledge of Agile Methodologies and Scrum Framework
  • Expertise encompasses design, develop and implement CICD framework(s) using best tool fit for the product and enable tech organization achieve their efficiency goals to compete with ever demanding and growing market need and ensure smooth deployment process.
  • Experience to leverage leading tools & technologies such as TFS, Dockers, Ansible, Jenkins, FINsim, etc to be applied right from the requirement changes, design, coding, unit testing & integration, testing automation, non-functional testing, performance testing, security testing, and continuous delivery, technology operation, support & monitoring and technical enhancement & updates.

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