Syed Rizwan Abbas

Development Lead at Infopreneurial Associates

Syed Rizwan Abbas Rizwan Abbas has about 10+ years of professional experience working in PHP/MySQL web environments.

Rizwan has a lot of experience in frontend web technologies as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, AJAX, Jquery, XML and jQT.

In his past projects he has taken care of many API integrations. He spent a lot of time working on a MIS portal and built many e-commerce websites for trading companies as well as individuals.

Rizwan Abbas loves Open Source plat-forms and developed many projects in Ma-gento, osCommerce, Wordpress, jobberBase and Joomla. Earlier in 2013, Rizwan pub-lished a PHP OLX Classieds Scraper-class under a BSD License (rated 5/5 by PHP Classes).

Rizwan Abbas brings ten years experience working for Western companies having ofshore offices in Islamabad. He knows how to deliver projects from A to Z and worked in teams as well. Recently he was desig-nated the role of team leader. Before, Rizwan frequently was made responsible for the core system architectural design of the projects he was involved in.

PHP, Mysql, AJAX,JQuery ,CSS-3,HTML 5, Prototype, Zend Frame Work, Linux, Wordpress, Joomla, OS-Commerce, Smarty, IPHONE, IPAD web Apps development, Magento, Open Cart, Jobber Base, Social Engine, Custom PHP, Database design & Optimization, Data replication, SQL server to MySQL database mirroring, Linked Server, Yii, Zend, Cake PHP, Laravel, Appgyver Steroids,Application Penetration tester, Application Security Expert

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  • 23-Apr-2015 - ISB:2015-04-23:1st Knowledge Sharing Session
  • 04-Apr-2015 - ISB:2015-04-04:Core Committee Meeting with Suhail Iqbal and Bilal Iqbal
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