Syed Usman Ali Shah Gillani

Serve the Nation

CEO of Five River Solutions

Syed Usman Ali Shah Gillani I am Founder of Five River Solutions. We built innovative 3D games which run on iOS, and Android supporting smart phones. My aim is to revolutionize gaming industry by developing mind blowing games based on innovative ideas. Five River Solutions also aim to digitalize the business sector of Pakistan, so we are striving to give our best for this change.

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  • 2019-2020 : Chapter General Secretary
  • 2019 - Islamabad Chapter
  • Subscriber Since : Jul 01, 2018
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Events Attended

  • 25-Oct-2019 - ISB:2019-10-25:Conference Preparation Team Meet up 4
  • 26-Sep-2019 - ISB:2019-09-26:9th Monthly Meet up
  • 27-Jun-2019 - 6th Monthly Meetup
  • 15-May-2019 - MoU Signing Ceremony with Zigron Inc
  • 28-Mar-2019 - ISB:2019-03-28:3rd Monthly Meetup
  • 28-Feb-2019 - ISB:2019-02-28:2nd Meet up
  • 25-Oct-2018 - ISB:2018-10-25:10th Meet up