About All Partners

Partners of society is like helping hands. In Agile Society, Partners are all sponsors / affiliations with government or non-government organizations.

Open Source Foundation Pakistan


Transforming Dreams into Development, Making Technology to Transform Education, Leading Youth to develop an Equal, Humane World through Technology. A futuristic, innovative and evangelistic mindset is what has driven us to take the initiative of developing Open Source Foundation Pakistan (OSFP). Our aim is to help our Youth lead us towards zenith of Technological world. We want to liberate the world from slavery of licensed software and clutches of few developers who want to minimize our p...more



Digital Broadcast Pvt. Limited (DBTV) is the first Internet TV in the South-Asian region. DBTV aims to disrupt the media landscape in the region with the mission of empowering citizens with information that can be translated into actionable knowledge. DBTV is also one of the first media entities in the region to deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled newsroom. DBTV core values are Empathy and Compassion, which translate into building Trust in societies. DBTV content aims to reflect and insp...more



Effectively managed by a professional team of IT experts, DatumSquare IT Services, founded in 2009, is an offshore software and development outsourcing firm based in Islamabad and Lahore, Pakistan. DatumSquare provides cost-effective Information Technology solutions and services – Software and Applications Development, Web Design, Technical Resources management, Project Management, ERP Development, and Manpower outsourcing – to discerning clients globally....more

Seerab Technologies


Seerab Technologies innovator of out of box ideas like “Seerab Maps” and “Seerab Hajj Maps”, winner of Pasha ICT awards 2018 and 2019, Uberpitch, Khadija Awards and many other offer consultancy, Training, and counseling in Geographical Information Science & Systems (GIS), Building Information Modeling (BIM), Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CAD) and Spatial Data Science (SDS), Data Analytic, Geo Analytic & Interactive Data Visualization. Seerab a reliable name partnered with many inte...more



Stippple is an enterprise that aims to empower freelance designers by promoting their ideas, polishing their skillsets, and providing them with opportunities that adds to their development and growth. Stippple’s fundamental goal is to link freelance designers with the international design communities so, that Pakistani designers can globally emerge as tech leaders in the evolving technological world. For this very reason in the past 2 years, Stippple has linked with and hosted alongside in...more



Since 2007, companies around the world have relied on our technical expertise to develop their vision. From digital applications to insightful data solutions, we build it all with precision to engage your users and supercharge your business. We’re the perfect technology partner for enterprise to rapidly growing organizations ready to make an impact....more

Code Movement


Code Movement is all about spreading awareness about coding and its scope. Our agenda is to unleash true potential of programming in Pakistan by leveraging skills of our schools & college students, university under grads & industry professionals and helping the next generation to excel in the world of Software Development. Come. Learn. Serve....more

Genetech Solutions


Genetech is an expert in custom software development, mobile app development, as well as offshore resource augmentation. Using our exceptional agile experience and a highly knowledgeable team, we do one thing only: Focus on meeting your customers’ expectations of an innovative and digital experience....more

TPS Worldwide


TPS is a leading provider of cards and payment solutions, powering digital payments for various commercial and central banks, telecoms, processors and financial institutions. Our customer base spans across the Middle East, South Asia, Africa and Europe and continues to increase across other regions. Aiming at revolutionizing conventional banking, we excel in the planning and delivery of comprehensive digital payment solutions for banks and financial institutions. We are relentless in our purs...more

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