About President

President of society is like a leader of a nation. In Agile Society, Presidents elects for based on terms about concepts of Agile, industry influence, academics influence and most active member of society.

Naeem Iqbal

Current Chairman Naeem Iqbal

Agility is a competitive advantage. Agile is future of project management in this age of technology, information and rapid changes, necessitating use of modern project management philosophies and methodologies.

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” – Muhammad Ali

Servant leadership and selflessness are foundational principles of agile which results in building community, enhancing productivity, and a conducive environment for the team and organizations.

Pakistan Agile Development Society is helping industry to embrace agility. Recent restructuring in the society depicts seriousness, eagerness to increase outreach, and commitment to help Pakistani business community to be competitive locally and internationally. Let us join hand to make Pakistan a better place to live.

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